Ticket Prices
Individual Racing – $75
Team Pilot – $20

Whoop Requirements

  • 65mm Frame size 
  • Fully ducted frame ie: Cockroach / Meteor65 Frame
  • 31mm Propeller Size Only
  • Brushed or Brushless motors of any size 
  • 1s Lipo Battery Only
  • 25mW VTX Power Output Only (If your whoop does not have a 25mW option it may not be flown. Example includes: BBBLV3. Too many issues with video when this one specific fc was in heats last year)
  • CP antennas are now REQUIRED (you may choose between RHCP and LHCP

    There is a few very important details we want to share with all the pilots attending Whooptopia 2023 – 5th Year Anniversary so there is no surprises what so ever when you are at the actual event itself. Please note, these decisions were made to ensure the playing field is as fair as possible and not to upset any pilots. It’s impossible to please everyone but we will always try our best to do so.


    1.) 25mW ONLY. In the past there were times where a pilots whoop was barely transmitting on 25mW setting therefore we would allow them to bump up their mW to be able to transmit higher. This is NOT acceptable this year. You are to arrive with proper working gear at Whooptopia. If your whoop is only transmitting 9mW on a 25mW setting you will NOT be allowed to bump up your mW, period. This comes down to ensuring your gear is working properly. If you are transmitting lower then 25mW we will let you know at tech inspection. You may still fly your whoop if it transmits too low but do know, very good odds you will have extremely poor video. If your whoop does not have a 25mW setting at all, it will not be allowed to be flown. No questions asked. If a pilot is caught bumping up their mW because they are transmitting low that pilot will receive a verbal warning. If it happens a 2nd time a pilot may be subject to DQ. Please do not be that guy or gal!

    2.) There is a few fc’s on the market that are known to have “floating” VTX’s. This is when you have your whoop programmed to a specific channel but it’s transmitting slightly off the channel you told it to be on. Example: if you’re assigned R8 and have a “floating” VTX your video will be transmitting perfectly on E7. This will be determined at tech inspection this year. If your VTX is “floating” we will not mark that whoop as passing tech inspection. Again, this is nothing against the pilot in specific but to ensure that all others in your heat are not penalized by your faulty gear causing poor video to all others. If your whoop does not pass tech inspection it may NOT be flown, period. In the past we allowed pilots to fly with “floating” vtx’s but this year, and on going, we will not allow it. We strongly suggest you arrive to Whooptopia with 2 brand new whoops at a minimum. The more the merrier. The best way to test this at home is with an RF Explorer if you have one. You can see if your gear is transmitting on the correct channel you are telling it to be on, and you can always verify what kind of mW it’s pushing out. This is what we will be using at tech inspection.

    3.) Let’s discuss a bit about the different receiver protocols out there that will be used at Whooptopia.
    Redpine: Redpine is known to be a low latency link. As it is SPI there is nothing you need to change or set up to run Redpine. As it sits is perfectly acceptable.
    – ELRS: For those of you using ELRS you are not to exceed 500hz for your packet rate and you are not to exceed 100mW for your power. For best performances we would suggest running 500hz and 100mW. (Note: if you are flying with ELRS you will be required to prove you are on the above mentioned settings within your external module, so please ensure you have your lua set up to be able to enter the menu to prove such at tech inspection). If you are unable to prove your ELRS settings at tech inspection we cannot mark it as passing tech. So please, if you come on ELRS, make sure you can prove your settings at tech inspection! Very very important.
    – Tracer / Ghost / Crossfire: if you are using tracer, ghost, or crossfire, you are not to exceed 100mW on your power. You will be required to prove your power level is not exceeding 100mW at tech inspection therefore please ensure you have the proper lua within your transmitter to prove it. If you are unable to prove your Tracer, Ghost, or crossfire mW power we cannot mark it as passing tech. So please, make sure you can prove your settings at tech inspection!
    – FrSky / FlySky / Spektrum: No changes required. As they come is acceptable.

    As we know this may come off as harsh to some, we assure you the reasoning is to ensure all pilots have the best possible video and radio link throughout the entirety of the event itself. If any pilot is caught adjusting the above mentioned settings above and beyond what is acceptable, the pilot will receive one verbal warning. If the pilot is caught a 2nd time they may be subject to a DQ. If we experience issues within a heat do not be surprised if each pilot within that heat are required to prove their settings are appropriate on the spot. Please please please, play fair and there will be no issues!

    Moral of the story, test your gear, make sure you have the abilities to prove your settings, and come prepared with multiple BRAND NEW whoops in case one or more of your whoops do not pass tech inspection.

    That’s it! Meet these requirements? Then you’re all set! If not, get to building to the above specs so your whoop is ready for the madness to come

Prizes For Individual Racing!
$4,000 MINIMUM Cold Hard Cash for Individual Racing Pool given all 80 tickets sold! We do have a goal however of growing the pot beyond this based on event support! Please note if less than 80 tickets are sold the payout amounts will be properly adjusted based on how many tickets are sold.

Elite Class
1st – $700 Cash + Trophy
2nd – $600 Cash + Trophy
3rd – $500 Cash + Trophy

Pro Class
1st – $450 Cash + Trophy
2nd – $400 Cash + Trophy
3rd – $350 Cash  + Trophy

Advanced Class
1st – $300 Cash + Trophy
2nd – $250 Cash + Trophy
3rd – $200 Cash  + Trophy

Enthusiasts Class
1st – $175 Cash  + Trophy
2nd – $150 Cash + Trophy
3rd – $125 Cash + Trophy

Hobbyist Class
1st – $100 Cash + Trophy
2nd – $80 Cash + Trophy
3rd – $60 Cash + Trophy

Tech Inspection
It’s pretty simple, all we need you to do is when your group is up to start the first 15 minutes of your group’s time is used for tech inspection/registration. Simply walk up to the tech inspection table and bring a maximum of two(2) whoops with you to have inspected as well as a battery to power up your whoop. We will be using a wand to determine if your whoop is putting out the proper mW (25) as well as making sure your whoop is currently on its designated channel assigned to you in the pilot email. PLEASE ADD YOUR VTX CHANNEL TO YOUR OSD FOR QUICK CONFIRMATIONS. Lastly, we will make sure your whoop meets all the requirements listed above in order to compete in Whooptopia! Once complete we will mark your whoop with a Sharpie to ensure it has passed tech inspection then we will provide you with your pilot goodie bag! Now, go learn the track and be ready to race! Please make sure to show up to tech inspection on your assigned channel!!

Turtle Mode
Yes. turtle mode is allowed at Whooptopia but there will NOT be track marshalls at any given time therefore we strongly suggest to have your turtle mode set up properly prior to arrival!

Practice Rounds
Each pilot will get one (1) practice round before their qualifying begins to learn the track and dial in their line. There will be a two(2) minute timer on the board running during these practice rounds. As soon as the two (2) minute timer goes off, you are to IMMEDIATELY bring in your whoop. Please DO NOT continue to fly. This changes in qualifying so please read below.

Qualifying Rounds
Each pilot will get seven (7) qualifying rounds. There will be a two (2) minute timer on the board and when the timer goes off you are to CONTINUE flying and finish the lap that you are on. Do not stop flying when the timer goes off like you do in practice! Note: WE MOVE EXTREMELY FAST!!!! There is one(1) minute between heats. Meaning, when you are done flying you have one (1) minute to go retrieve your whoop and get off the track as quickly and safely as possible. If you are up next this means you have one (1) minute to plug in your whoop, sit down, and give a thumbs up and be ready to race. The timer waits for NO ONE! So be on your A-game as we move very very quickly at Whooptopia. There should only be 12 minutes between each one of your total 7 batteries you fly so BE READY! Pilots are to also “spot” the pilot on their channel flying before them during qualifying rounds. If you notice a pilot missed a gate or did the track incorrectly, please voice this to the event coordinator, do not distract the pilot while flying. I strongly suggest if you think you may have missed a gate, turn back and go get it before proceeding along the track to avoid a DQ run.

Question: So if I’m in group A and it says I’m to be there at 7:45am on Saturday can I show up at like 7:55am?
Answer: NO! Please do not be late, these 15 minutes before your group is very crucial for us event organizers to get you all tech inspected, registered, and learning the track during this short period! If anything please show up early!!!

Question: So what do you mean when you say three (3) consecutive lap times for qualifying?
Answer: During your five(5) qualifying rounds there will be two (2) minutes on the timing system which means you may fly as many laps as you possibly can, once that two(2) minute timer goes off, each pilot is to continue flying until they finish the lap they are on. We will take your fastest three(3) consecutive laps to determine your best three (3) lap time of the day. Consecutive meaning they must be three(3) laps all strung together. If you get six(6) laps we cannot use lap 1, 4, and 6. It must be laps 1, 2, and 3 or laps 4,5, and 6, or laps 2, 3, and 4 etc.

Question: What if my whoop breaks and I have to swap whoops but need time to change channels. Can I just change right now?
Answer: No, please make sure if and when you do need to change your channel it is at the start of a heat that you are in. That’ll keep things moving as smoothly as possible.

Question: If I bought a ticket and I can no longer attend, am I eligible for a refund?
Answer: Yes you sure are. Please contact Anthony Knight directly and he can process the refund for you immediately. However, refunds are available up until seven (7) days before the event takes place. So please make sure to do so as soon as possible if you cannot attend.All refund requests must be submitted no later than 11:59pm on 1-7-23.

This event information will be edited and added to often as more info rolls in so always check here first before asking questions as most of your questions should be answered within the event information!

If you cannot find your answer please feel free to reach out to Anthony Knight directly.

Prizes For Team Racing!

1st Place Team:$500 Cash
2nd Place Team: $250 Cash
3rd Place Team: $125 Cash

Team Racing Rules

Now that individual racing is done it’s time for an EPIC day of team racing! We have decided to change things up a TON with team racing and present to you again the WeBleed500 Team Racing Day! There will be eight (8) total teams for team racing with five (5) pilots to a team. Teams will be built by a snake style draft with 8 captains and the other 32 pilots in one big pool for draft picks! The 8 captains are determined based on placement from qualifying day 1 of Whooptopia (You must race in individual racing to also race in teams). 8th place qualifier will get first pick. During double loss elimination brackets each team will fly for thirty (30) minutes and get as many laps as they can in 30 minutes. Top two (2) teams advance and bottom two (2) teams take a strike.Two (2) strikes and you’re out! Once we have the final four (4) teams standing we will then go into the WeBleed500 where the last four (4) standing teams will race, the first team to 500 laps win!
Note: Individual Racing Track will be altered for a quicker lap time for team racing.

There are a lot of rules when it comes to team racing so lets cover them here now! During the thirty (30) minute heats each team will be allotted two (2) cautions. The only reason a team should call a caution is if the pilot that is currently flying crashes and cannot flip over, loses a prop, or is stuck somewhere, etc. Essentially a caution is like a “time out” When a caution is called the three (3) other teams that are still up and flying are to finish the lap they are currently on then come into pit. As soon as the last pilot lands a one (1) minute timer will start allowing the team who called the caution to very quickly and safely retrieve their whoop and get ready to launch for when the one (1) minute timer is over.If a team uses any additional cautions over the allotted amount that team will receive a two (2) lap penalty for each additional caution used. Flying consistently is the key here! One BIG issue we had with cautions last year is when one was called you were required to cycle to the next pilot on your team but instead, if a caution is called while you’re flying. You will then be the pilot to launch when the caution timer expires and the race continues.

Each team MUST run all five (5) of their pilots in order AT ALL TIMES. If this is not done a team will be disqualified, no questions asked. Each pilot is also REQUIRED to fly at minimum three (3) laps before they bring it into the pit but there is no maximum number of laps a pilot must fly, just a minimum. Keep it in order, fly at least three (3) laps and you’re in the clear!

When we get down to the last four (4) teams, it’s time for the WeBleed500! The same rules apply, the only difference is, each team is now allowed a maximum of ten (10) cautions each. Each additional caution called is a two (2) lap penalty! So be careful, and fly consistent at all times! This is mayhem style but with a twist!